Lovely words from lovely people 

Chelsea is a hardworking, tech-savvy and very talented copywriter. These are, in my mind, facts.

A harder-to-put-into-words trait of hers is the ability to always listen all the way through. That particular ability makes her deliveries consistently sharp and responsive. And it makes you, as the client, feel thoughtful and reflective even though you only remember blabbering on incoherently for an hour during the briefing. That is truly an admirable skill to have as a copywriter.

I would recommend Chelsea for anything that involves writing, thinking or both.

Robin Kollberg

Creative Director @ Fully Studios

Working with Chelsea is always a pure pleasure. Her positive attitude brings joy to every team and project. She has the ability to ask just the right questions to get the assignment to the next level, ambitious as she is.

Chelsea is very flexible and easily adapts to new constellations in teams, brands, clients and types of projects, and that is her biggest strength.

And that she is a funny yet serious, straightforward, professional writer is probably why I chose her to begin with. And why my client asks for her.

Alexandra Moberg

Brand & Marketing Consultant @ Aatelier

I highly recommend Chelsea as a creative and professional copywriter. She has a high degree of flexibility in working with different projects with different needs, and she delivers excellent quality on both highly creative external copy and internal communications. She easily understands the demands of tone of voice and user experience.

I brought Chelsea with me as a freelancer from my previous position at another company after great collaboration and hope to continue to do so in the future.

Lina Baldursson 

Business Developer @ Stena Line

In today’s day and age, finding brilliant communicators is harder than you might think. It’s not just about native English, nor about attention to detail, nor about creativity–it’s the right combination of a hundred different facets. Chelsea embodies that combination.

I called in Chelsea to edit some work on a huge SEO-driven content creation project. Our current editing team was failing us, and I knew her work would be exemplary. She jumped in immediately, and her execution was flawless. She caught every mistake, and asked questions no one else had even thought of yet.

I highly recommend her. She’s a thoughtful, no-ego, creative, kind asset to any team.

Alexa Shoen

Senior UX Copywriter @ Shoen Creative

Content Strategist @ Facebook