The Nordics really sell themselves.

Just look at this baby pony...

Am I right?

That said, there is something we can do together. 

It involves the power of words. 

Creating content

In the video game design world, they call my ilk “narrative writers” or “story designers.” In that line of work, the story comes first, and the pixels come later. I'm not the first to suggest that this content-first strategy is a highly useful one when it comes to designing digital products. Plus it's great fun for me. The times I've been brought in early, with the intention of having the content inform the structure, the results have been magical. 


Chances are you have a bunch of content already, in all kinds of forms, all over the place: in your company's CMS, somewhere on your website, in the notes from a strategy session, in your head. Now you want to turn that information into succint, readable copy deployed in specific ways across various channels. That's when I can swoop in. I love massive, multi faceted content editing projects. Most people don't. ¯_(ツ)_/¯  


Creative professionals in the Nordic countries, heck even rural shopkeepers, speak ridiculously good English. It can make a girl feel redundant! But there are those time when you really need your text to go out looking perfect, free of grammatical mistakes or odd wording. That's when it's essential to have the details of a Californian copywriter saved in your phone. 


OOh! And some tränslætiøn too!

I translate confidently from Swedish into English. I can do it the other way around, but it wouldn't be fit for public consumption. Just for giggles.   

Recently I've been eyeing Danish and Norwegian written text, and I'd say I'm up for that challenge. I hope to bring my Icelandic up to par at some point in the future, but as of now it's a magical elf language to my eyes and ears. 

You and me?
I like the way that sounds.

It feels good to be lending my daily efforts to helping Nordic companies succeed and grow. Partly because I think Nordic people and the things they make are just so chic. And partly because I would love for the world to be a bit more Nordic. I remember asking my husband if Swedish companies practice what we in America call "corporate social reponsibility." He gave me a moment to catch my accidental irony, which I did. There are some industries that are not angelic, but in general, I find the soundness of mind here soothing. Plus I don't mind the dark and I don't think it's all that cold. #myslyfe

Say hej!