Ready for new heights?

Hej, I'm Chelsea.

I'm an English copywriter for Nordic companies.

From my home base in Gothenburg, Sweden, I consult for Nordic companies and creative agencies that are looking to expand their international reach. 

My consulting role often touches all parts of digital production, from design to brand development to content strategy. But at the core of my skills is copywriting. I'm also known to do some Swedish to English translation.  

I am always open to new clients and collaborations across the region, so if anything sparks your imagination, do get in touch. That includes you, Finland, don't be shy! 





The perfect copywriter doesn't exis—


Or does she? 

I'm coming for you, IKEA. 

My consulting roles vary, but in general when you hear me clacking away on my laptop I'm doing one thing: writing compelling content for the web. Some examples of recent projects include populating information for Stena Line's rockin' new travel app, executing SEO projects for SCA-Tork, and boarding conceptual jet planes into the future of the Internet with Fully Studios. And then there was one reeeaaallllyyy exciting day where I named a truck for Volvo. That's a copywriter's idea of some serious action.

An adventure begins

Have a project in mind? Want to get a better sense of how I work? 

Email me anytime: